Woman Crush Wednesday: Lori Ferraro

This week’s #WomanCrushWednesday goes out to Lori Ferraro, Portland’s talented writer, actor, and sketch comedienne.

Lori Ferraro spent her childhood in New York and Florida and moved to Oregon after she graduated from high school. She began working in theater and was immediately drawn to humor – even in plays that weren’t comedies, Lori was cast in the comedic roles. Today, she performs sketch comedy in Portland, primarily at the Siren Theater in Old Town. Her latest project, a show called Sisters of Mercy, wrapped last month. 

Lori is grateful to be able to collaborate with friends whom she admires and loves working with – she says she’s always had a weird sense of humor and feels blessed to have found her like-minded tribe. She finds it rewarding to create work that becomes an escape for people – an hour or so to just watch something ridiculous and laugh. 

Lori also loves to write and has contributed much of her writing to the Huffington Post. An 80s fanatic, she has a website/book called Drawn to the 80s. For that project, she got to collaborate with her young son – he sketched images of the greatest music hits of the 1980s for the book. He clearly inherited his mom’s penchant for humor – the sketches are clever beyond his young age!

What’s funny to Lori? Like so many comediennes before her, she grew up watching I Love Lucy and The Carol Burnett Show. She’s also a big fan of Saturday Night Live, The Kids in the Hall, Airplane!, Seinfeld, The Office, and the brilliantly hilarious Schitt’s Creek.

Lori Ferraro is married with two sons. Since ’tis the season, right at this moment, she’s most likely enjoying eggnog – whether cold, warm, in her coffee, or topping her desserts, eggnog is keeping Lori very busy these days.

Shaley Howard