Woman Crush Wednesday – Erin Kirkwood

erin kirkwood

It’s Pride Month and this week’s #WomanCrushWednesday goes out to an attorney, former amateur boxer and current fighter for equity, Erin Kirkwood. Erin studied at the University of Guelph in Canada, where she majored in Women’s Studies (graduated with honors) and minored in History. She went on to law school at the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!). Erin works at the Reynolds Defense Firm, helping good people who’ve made bad choices. Erin is non-binary and very open about her gender and sexuality. She helps educate people about a population they may be unfamiliar with; she has conducted “Trans 101” presentations at her office, the Multnomah County Courthouse, and the Yamhill County Courthouse. Erin found it rewarding and encouraging to see judges, attorneys, clerks and legal support staff not only wanting to be respectful, but willing to learn how.

Erin has a close relationship with the great outdoors. As a teenager, she went on extended canoe trips – as in nearly TWO MONTH trips – through Canada. She also embarked on two wilderness canoe trips – one with her dad, and one with her little sister. These days, you can sometimes find her canoeing within the metro area! Erin is also the gal you want with you if you’re lost in the woods or stuck on a remote island – she did search and rescue actively for five years and can build a fire and a shelter, no problem. She’s also learning to hunt – she shot and killed her first deer last year, butchering him with help from friends, and has spent years training her pointing dog for hunting. Erin loves the water – she and her dog swam across the Columbia River and back, unaccompanied.

Erin believes the best she can do is be helpful, non-judgmental, and kind to others. LISTEN to others – you already know your own opinions; you might learn something listening to other people’s! She lives her life honestly and encourages others to do the same – admit when you’re wrong (especially if it’s hard!) and don’t hide your flaws – we all have them. She suffers from MS and depression, but doesn’t let it stop her – her latest passion is motorcycle riding. She’s a member of Women Riders Only Club out of Bend.

One more thing Erin would like to shout out to the world: “My body, my choice!”

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