Woman Crush Wednesday – Dr. Derenda Schubert


Our Woman Crush Wednesday goes out to a licensed psychologist, intergenerational champion, and the Executive Director of Bridge Meadows, Dr. Derenda Schubert. Family and community mean everything to Dr. Schubert – she is a firm believer in the power of intergenerational relationships and the ways in which those relationships strengthen and heal our communities. No wonder she’s such a staunch advocate – she herself was blessed with amazing grandparents who were a huge part of her life and helped make her the woman she is today – optimistic, joyful and kind on the outside; driven, curious and protective on the inside!

Personally, Dr. Schubert looks to both her children (her two proudest accomplishments) and her elders for inspiration.

Professionally, as a leader, she loves seeing her colleagues find their gifts and talents (she strongly believes we ALL have a gift) and share them with the world.

Dr. Schubert is a graduate of Purdue University and DePaul University. She has extensive professional experience counseling children and families, as well as creating, managing, and evaluating foster care, mental health and developmental disability programs. She has held a number of executive leadership roles – she’s the former Chief Operating Officer of Trillium Family Services, Oregon’s largest child and family mental health agency. But her proudest professional accomplishment is leading the team that created Bridge Meadows – a multi-generational community for kids formerly in foster care, adoptive parents and elders. Just try to imagine what it means for kids, leaving the instability and trauma of foster care for a stable, solid, caring community of people who love them – that’s Bridge Meadows. The nonprofit has received national and international recognition from dozens of organizations, including the National Home Builders Association, the Angels in Adoption program (from U.S. Senator Ron Wyden), the Eisner Foundation, Corporate LiveWire, the Portland Business Journal, and so many others.

The formidable Dr. Schubert is strong in mind AND body – she’s also a martial artist! She and her daughter are working their way toward a black belt in taekwondo. Her husband is a 6th degree black belt and her son is a 2nd degree black belt. The family that breaks boards together, stays together!

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Beth Hutchison