Woman Crush Wednesday Becky Meeuwsen Berger

Becky Meeuwsen BergerThis week’s #WomanCrushWednesday goes out to Becky Meeuwsen Berger, owner, and manager of the farming entity Berger International AND founder of Griffin’s Place, a nonprofit that provides activities and opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. 

Becky worked at OHSU in Pediatric Radiology, before marrying into a farming family in 1976. Years of hard work resulted in a partnership – no easy feat for anyone, let alone a woman in a male-dominated industry! Today Becky manages the entire operation. Berger International farms in three counties in Oregon, and has a seed processing plant in Carlton. The company produces fescue seed and straw, red clover seed, hazelnuts and hemp. Some of their products are sold worldwide. Becky is also a graduate of the Columbia Leadership Training program and is part of the agricultural leadership program REAL Oregon class 2.

Becky is one of the toughest women you’re likely to meet anywhere. She has endured ravaging hardships as a caregiver – both for her kids with disabilities and especially for her spouse. He suffered through a long-term disease that severely impacted his brain and cognitive abilities. Witnessing your beloved and formerly vibrant spouse not only suffer, but behave irrationally toward you – day in and day out, year after year – it’s difficult to comprehend just how devastating that situation would be, isn’t it? But after getting through that, it’s also difficult for Becky to sweat the small stuff! Therefore, challenging business situations don’t scare her one bit – it’s ALL about perspective.

Becky Meeuwsen Berger is committed to setting a good, strong example for her kids, grandkids, and everyone she meets – she finds it incredibly rewarding to offer comfort, support, and encouragement for folks going through tough times. As a leader and businessperson, she models honesty, vulnerability, and a spirit of working together for the greater good. Becky is a big fan of Marquam Auction Agency and similar orgs that celebrate women and their accomplishments – we’re honored and humbled that this amazing woman is inspired by us! We’re also honored to support Griffin’s Place – the nonprofit she founded that serves adults with disabilities.

Becky’s husband Keith Berger passed away in 2011. In 2015, she married Earl Meeuwsen. Their blended family includes nine children and seven grandchildren. Becky and Earl love to travel the country and beyond, for both business and pleasure.




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