Woman Crush Wednesday: Ashlan Glazier-Anderson


This week’s #WomanCrushWednesday goes out to the tireless Ashlan Glazier-Anderson, the President of TWO organizations (one our beloved client, Betties 360!) – and the marketing director for a nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable children.

Ashlan hails from Hawaii but moved to Oregon when she was 10 years old. She’s a Beaverton High School graduate and studied business marketing at Portland State University. In graduate school, she started working for the American Marketing Association – she managed a program pairing nonprofits with marketing companies – the companies do six months of pro-bono work. Her company was paired with Betties360 – an auspicious match for both! Ashlan is now Chair of the Betties360 board (a nonprofit we’re so very proud to be long-term partners with!). She especially loves working directly with kids – the things they say are so powerful, sometimes it seems like they’ve been coached: “I can do it! I feel like I can do anything!” – As a woman who devotes pretty much everything in her life to supporting more people, to see that confidence develop in young girls – and to be able to provide them opportunities for amazing experiences they otherwise wouldn’t have access too – i.e, effecting REAL change – that means the world to Ashlan.

Last summer, Ashlan completed her master’s degree in Strategic Communications from UO – one of her proudest accomplishments! While in graduate school, she got her dream job with Friends of the Children – a nonprofit dedicated to breaking the cycle of generational poverty. Getting out of poverty is one of the most difficult things human beings can do – and Friends of the Children has been helping people do it for more than two decades. Again, effecting REAL change.

Ashlan is, quite simply, exploding with energy. She’s the future president-elect (running unopposed) of the AMA PDX – the local chapter of the American Marketing Association. So she’ll be the president of TWO organizations – in addition to her “day job”! Add “ordained minister” to Ashlan’s resume (one of her dear friends married her and her husband, and it was a beautiful experience, so Ashlan herself took that course and can now marry people.


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