WCW Raquel Muller


This week’s #WomanCrushWednesday goes out to Dr. Raquel Muller, psychologist, business owner, sought-after public speaker and proud Mompreneur Success Specialist.

Dr. Raquel grew up in Panama City, Panama and emigrated to the United States with her family when she was 17 years old. The timing of the move was auspicious – there was a lot of political unrest in her country at the time. Just one year after the move, the U.S. invaded Panama and captured Manuel Noriega. Dr. Raquel experienced a bit of culture shock, but one of her gifts is being able to adjust to different circumstances. Her senior year in high school was split between Radcliff, Kentucky and El Paso, Texas and she went to college in New Jersey.

Raquel has two master’s 

degrees and a PH.D. She‘s a psychologist and is licensed in three states, including Oregon. Raquel started a private practice in 2016, but her true passions are life coaching and public speaking. She herself was blessed with amazing coaches and is now committed to helping other women find their passions. She’s a self-proclaimed “Mompreneur Success Specialist.” Raquel believes her purpose in life is empowering women to prioritize their own growth and well-being, so that they can give their best to their families and the world at large. These are challenging times for most everyone, particularly working moms. Dr. Raquel herself has experienced self-criticism, perfectionism and self-doubt, and she hates the idea of these stressors derailing other women’s dreams. She offers coaching, classes, and mom retreats to help other women find balance, joy and fulfilment WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed or guilty. She’s a sought-after public speaker and has been featured in several podcasts and TV shows. 

Raquel’s favorite quote is from author and civil rights activist Howard Thurman – “Don’t ask what the world needs, find something that brings you alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Raquel has been married for 22 years. She has two teenagers, a dog and a bunny. She loves movies, walking, audio books, hanging out with girlfriends and going out to eat. Raquel is a foodie and can’t wait to go out to eat again – which should be very soon!


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