The next generation of Virtual Fundraising has arrived. The ultimate companion to in-person events or your annual campaign.

Virtual is here to stay AND we have an innovative way to help!

  • Top Question 1: What is a Go Social! Livestream Paddle Raise?
    Designed to be very flexible, it can be used as a fundraising companion to an in-person event or annual campaign - adding a virtual element to your annual fundraising plans. While some may be ready for a return to the ballroom, others may not. Adding a virtual appeal allows your org to enjoy the benefits of virtual - expanding your reach while creating a more inclusive donor community and increasing funds raised!
  • Top Question 2: What Does Go Social! Mean?
    Go Social! Livestream Paddle Raise events are ideal casual programs meant to be shared via social media outlets. The idea is to engage donors where they already are, provide a simple way to communicate your mission and provide an opportunity for loyal supporters to donate and support your work. The best part? They’re fun and succinct - topping out at only 30 minutes of live programming.
  • Top Question 3: Why Partner with Marquam?
    Go Social! with the nation’s leading livestream Fundraising Event pros! Tap into our extensive knowledge base, best practices and data informed trends. Our team of Benefit Auction Specialists have been busy innovating the virtual event space since it became a thing in 2020. We know how to excite and engage donors in a virtual environment. Let us show you how. Each Go Social! Livestream Paddle Raise stream is filmed and produced by our in-house tech experts using our own dedicated livestream recording studio in our headqurters that have seen great results to date. Go Social! Livestream Paddle Raise events are casual, condensed versions of a virtual fundraiser. The same design and graphic bells and whistles are incorporated, resulting in a perfectly edited virtual show - that can seamlessly be streamed to the social platform of your choice!

    Check out this video from a recent Go SOCIAL! Event…

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