The Pros You Need for Hybrid & Virtual Fundraising Events

The Pros You Need for Hybrid & Virtual Fundraising Events

Would you solicit your hairdresser to fill a cavity? Would they be proficient at diagnosing the problem, numbing your pain and using dental equipment? Would you summon your dermatologist for a brain tumor? Never! You’d seek out a trained professional to meet your needs. So why would you consider using a volunteer to lead your fundraising efforts? You’ll leave money on the table if you do.

Always employ fundraising pros to raise you the most money with less effort. Otherwise, you can expect results that are nearly as disastrous as your hairdresser wielding a dental drill.

8 Specialists Required for Successful Virtual & Hybrid Fundraising


A professional Master or Mistress of Ceremonies is an important job and should be considered with utmost care. Your emcee is the face and voice of your fundraising endeavor – the person your donors will associate with and relate to during the virtual or hybrid event. A great emcee will weave your mission throughout the event, coaxing donors to your side and engaging them. A great emcee elevates energy, charms everyone and highlights your organization, while shining brightly on stage and delivering a powerfully engaging performance.

Professional Benefit Auctioneer Specialist

A Benefit Auctioneer Specialist identifies your goals, evaluates your existing offerings, reviews historical data from previous virtual and hybrid events, if applicable. They then craft unique data-driven strategies for your success. They bring fresh ideas and new life to in-person programming that may not translate well in the virtual or hybrid event formats. They’ll suggest new and better-performing revenue streams. You’ll receive pre-event consultation crafted to maximize giving, while streamlining your efforts and implementing best practices to ease your burden and up the ante for your donors. A professional benefit auctioneer specialist with experience in a virtual format knows how to keep the energy up, how to have fun and how to keep your run of the show tight. Our numbers suggest increases between 40-350% when utilizing a professional benefit auctioneer vs. a volunteer or other well-meaning novice. Fundraising is what we do. We double dog dare you to find an actor acting as an auctioneer or news anchor volunteering their time, whose results will satisfy and exceed your goals.

Professional Bid Assistants

In a Hybrid Fusion fundraising event, fabulous bid assistants pay for themselves every time with increased live auction prices upwards of 10-15%. They encourage your crowd to give more generously and they answer questions on the spot. Professional bid assistants infuse your virtual or hybrid show with energy and merriment. They’re communication pros; providing answers to donors and relaying information to and from the auctioneer. They seamlessly communicate with the sales team while on the floor. They help execute every detail of your hybrid event. They’re an integral part of the success of your hybrid fusion fundraiser.

Professional Event Clerks

Event Clerks are the glue that holds the fundraising team together, and that’s the case whether you’re using an in-person, virtual only format or a hybrid fusion variation. Event clerks accurately record and communicate all live event sales and gifts. They bring calm to chaos, organize final event results and tally raffles. They facilitate live auction sales and special appeal giving – all while making sure the rest of the fundraising staff adheres to the run of show. A great Event Clerk always has one ear aimed at the auctioneer and the other following everything else going on. They miss nothing and record everything. That way, you always have accurate data at your fingertips!

Audio Visual Pros

In the virtual and hybrid fundraising worlds, few things will sink your entire production faster than poor audio, visuals and/or streaming issues. Donors will not part with their money when they can’t hear what’s going on or they don’t understand what’s being offered. Think about it. Each time a donor raises their paddle, or clicks “bid”, they are agreeing to a binding verbal contract. Would YOU continue to bid if you didn’t know what you were agreeing to? We didn’t think so.

Sound that’s too loud is like an assault; sound that’s too quiet is just plain frustrating. Any disturbance in sound irritates donors, and when your donors are irritated, guess what? They don’t give to capacity! And we don’t have to tell you, that is the absolute last thing you want at your fundraiser. Always, always hire professional AV folks to ensure your show is as clean as it can possibly be. Just say NO to frozen videos and stuck PowerPoint slideshows! Professional AV folks know how to troubleshoot any and all technical difficulties that arise during your virtual and/or hybrid fusion event.

Livestream Team & Engineer 

Every role in the livestream is essential for the success of your show – a mobile bidding clerk, stage manager, script driver. But the buck truly stops with your talented livestream engineer. They manage every element of your show through. You provide a rock solid run-of-show with all of the videos and graphics you want, in the order you want – cues to perfection. Your livestream engineer builds the framework, loads it all up, and off you go. Your livestream engineer is the beating heart of your entire production. It’s a highly-technical, highly-skilled job. Do not trust this essential role to just anyone. 

Registration Support

One of the MANY great things about virtual fundraising? Registration can be a breeze. We tip our caps to all of the software companies, who pivoted their services to adapt to this new virtual world. At in-person events, registration is one of the most important facets, as it is the first and last interaction your donors have with your org on event day. Donors form strong opinions based on this alone. Long lines, confusion, and delays at either check-in or check-out impacts you negatively – this is an area donors unanimously agree is their number one pet peeve at live events. And even when donors are watching from home, you don’t want them to jump through too many hoops just to watch your virtual show. Make it EASY for guests to give by relying on robust mobile bidding and event software systems. 

Event Software

Again, software companies have been entrenched in the virtual world for going on two years. Virtual and hybrid fusion events are ENORMOUS endeavors. Without a comprehensive software package to support you, track donors, and handle event night transactions effortlessly, you run the risk of not only irritating donors, but also mishandling funds. The right software keeps all of your event and donor information in one easy place. It’ll help you steer your fundraising ship in myriad ways.  

Sales People

When going virtual, you don’t need salespeople. But if you’re planning a hybrid fusion event, you still do in order to sell in-person revenue opportunities like raffle tickets. You know what they say about spending money to make money? Well, in this case, we say, “Amen!” Pro sales people trained in the art of influence and selling do positively increase your bottom line. They also act as engaging brand ambassadors of your mission. When you have guests in the room, you want to have fabulous salespeople there, as well. Our data suggests they frequently double and triple the number of sales recorded. They’re well worth your investment!

Now that you know whom to hire as your all-star fundraising event team, go forth and fundraise wisely. Contact us with questions. We’re here to help. And we can’t wait to change the world – with you!

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