The Heart of Your Fundraiser: Special Appeal

Timing Is Everything! 

Fundraising Pros Maximize Giving

Timing, sequencing, and program content make or break fundraising events. That’s why it’s vital to work with a fundraising and benefit auction gala pro who will think strategically about your benefit event. Choose a fundraising partner who won’t apply a cookie-cutter approach to your unique event but rather, a team who will design a timeline that centers your mission, your donors and your special needs for maximum impact and real results.

The Heart of Your Night and Where to Place It

One question that often comes up is: where should we place our special appeal within our event’s run of show? That is a great question – one that much thought, expertise and evaluation goes into before crafting the perfect answer for your org.

The special appeal statistically accounts for 40-70% of your night’s bottom line. When executed well, more than 60% of guests will participate in this inclusive giving moment, compared to just 10-15% of guests participating in your live auction. A well-done special appeal brings your community together with all eyes focused on your mission.

Your special appeal is an opportunity to tell an impactful story in a personal and compelling way while giving your community a way to join in and become involved in said story right on the spot.

There is not a standard right answer to appeal placement. That’s why it is so important to work with an experienced benefit auctioneer specialist who will aid you in determining the best strategy for your group while considering every step and stage of your event to build momentum towards the biggest moment of the night.

Key Factors that Determine Special Appeal Placement (heading 3)

  • Cocktail hour timing (How long is it? What day of the week is it? When did your doors open?)
  • What other stories are we showcasing in your program?
  • How many live auction items you offering (if any)?
  • Will a video be crafted to amplify your storytelling?
  • Who is your appeal speaker? What is their story?
  • Will there be a keynote speaker?
  • What are all of the other components and revenue streams you wish to integrate into your program?
  • When will food be served? What type of service is planned?
  • When will entertainment or other mission centered activities happen?
  • Historical giving data and trends of giving that correspond with your timeline

Based on these answers, your fundraising auctioneer will consider various common strategies to assist you and your team in creating a momentous evening that encourages maximum giving at your appeal.

  • Appeal first – preceding the live auction
  • Appeal after a few live items
  • Appeal in the middle of the live auction
  • Appeal following the live auction

Your fundraising specialist will seek the optimal time to capture the attention and hearts of your donors. When is the peak moment of your night where your crowd will be most captive and engaged? Where in the program will your story be best received, heard and acted upon?

From here, we develop a strategy to showcase your most compelling story and create an appeal that wows your supporters and supports you in capturing the greatest amount of involvement from your group.

Smart, big picture strategy goes a long way towards your fundraising success and can really solidify your guests’ positive experience at your event. Together, let’s review your history, craft a plan of action and catapult giving beyond your wildest expectations!

Ready to rock your next appeal? Reach out. Let’s get started today!


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