TiWanna KenneyBilingual Benefit Auctioneer Specialist
Mistress of Ceremonies
Fundraising Consultant

Your Marquam Auction Agency Auctioneer – TiWanna Kenney

TiWanna Kenney or TK, Benefit Auctioneer with Marquam Auction Agency, faithfully serves nonprofits and organizations as a high energy, no-nonsense community builder. This do-gooder is in the business of raising critical funds while bursting stereotypes and stigma. As the first African American woman (and currently only 1 of 3) to hold a Benefit Auctioneer Specialist (BAS) designation from the National Auctioneers Association, TK has been changing the face of the auctioneering industry since 2015 – literally.

TK attended the University of Oklahoma, is an auctioneering graduate of McLennan Community College, a small business owner, and a fundraising and virtual gala expert and consultant. TK grew up in a military family and was living in Germany when the Berlin wall fell. She credits this momentous historical event with her burning desire for justice and equality. TK is a former Army reservist herself who, like so many others, was called to active duty after 9/11. Thank you for your service, TK.

A bilingual (English/Spanish) nationally-renowned speaker, TK regularly presents on leadership, empowerment, diversity and development. She also teaches auctioneering at her alma mater.

When not busy changing the world, TK loves travel, culture and food (she even chooses vacation destinations throughout the world based on whether they offer Michelin-starred restaurants to enjoy!). One can often find her reading, cooking or volunteering.

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