Fundraising 2020: The Year EVERYTHING Changed (part one)

Amy Phillips

Fundraising 2020

The Year EVERYTHING Changed

Part 1

It’s not just the understatement of the decade, it’s the understatement of the millennium – THINGS. HAVE. CHANGED. The way in which we do just about everything has changed, including the art of raising – AND giving – money. We want to help you navigate this new virtual world in a three-part series. In this first installment, let’s discuss the major changes and challenges of 2020.

Giving Attitudes 

It feels like the hits just keep on coming. Waves of unemployment crashing down on our community and heartbreaking stories of small businesses forced to close, many permanently, are commonplace these days. Nonprofits and their clients are feeling the pain and the pinch too. But there IS a flip side, and it’s a very positive one! Folks are still giving! They want to help and a great way to do so is through a Live Virtual Gala or virtual fundraising event. While the need for support hasn’t changed, the methodology of giving has. Which brings us to…

Virtual Galas + Fundraising Events

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and guess what? THEY’RE RIGHT! We didn’t innovate Virtual Galas or Fusion Fundraisers because we thought it’d be fun to try something new – after all, our “old” model of live events certainly wasn’t broken; on the contrary, we were on track for our busiest year yet. Our live in-person events were highly successful, fun AND memorable. But when in-person events became untenable, we pretty much had two options – do nothing… or do SOMETHING. (And if you know us at all, you know doing nothing was never really an option!) That something ended up being our very first Virtual Gala. Turns out it was even more profitable than the org hoped their original live in-person event would be. Yes, you read that right – MORE PROFITABLE! We knew we were on to something here so we kept at it. To date (read: since March 12, 2020), we’ve raised millions for dozens of nonprofits through Live Virtual Galas + Fundraising Events. And as long as there’s a need, we won’t stop!

We foresee a long, fruitful future with virtual fundraising and we do not anticipate that they will go away, even when folks are ready and able to gather in group settings again. So if your org is bold and innovative enough to Go Virtual! now, we believe you’ll be that much further ahead of the game in the future, when they’re commonplace in every revenue and fundraising strategy. 

Fundraising + Socializing

The best thing about in-person events, for many of us, is that special glow you get from socializing. Whether it’s catching up with acquaintances you haven’t seen in months, enjoying good conversation with people you respect and admire, meeting new friends or having fun with your close friends, there’s just so much to love about in-person events. It’s hard to beat the collective energy of supporting a common cause. And that collective energy is something we can harness virtually. It’s not the same – we know that. It likely never will be again. But what we do know is that donors love being able to keep making a difference in their communities. With creative ideas, we are able to provide orgs ways to engage their donors virtually, and continue coming together as a supportive community for the greater good. 

Fundraising has changed forever. And in our innovative heart of hearts, we KNOW we can help you continue to raise money to fund your good works. Contact us today. Let’s get started!