The Fine Art of Benefit Auctioneering

Misty Marquam

Benefit Auctioneers + Full-Service Agency Support
= A Better Fundraising Experience for All

Pros vs. Volunteers

Savvy nonprofits, auction-goers, fundraisers and charity event planners know firsthand the myriad of reasons to employ specialized, professional Benefit Auctioneer Specialists. When the goal is to raise critical funds, you need a fundraising specialist. Charity fundraising is an art that true Benefit Auctioneers dedicate their professional lives to mastering. When it comes to fundraising, there is a vast difference between the pros who will help you realize and surpass fundraising goals and the well-meaning volunteers and novices who WANT to help – but don’t.  

What’s the Difference?

Nonprofits seeking to make money need a pro who will clearly identify their organization’s goals and recommend strategies to realize them.  They need one who is up-to-date on market trends, best practices, and what comprises fabulous live event content. Finally, they need one who has personal relationships with your donors and can roll with the punches onstage, encourage fun, speak mission-specific language eloquently and make each donor feel important, included and inspired to give.

Misty Marquam Wows The Corwd

Have you ever attended a benefit auction where the auctioneer spoke so fast that they were unintelligible and impossible to follow? Perhaps they mispronounced the organization’s name or the name of one of the major donors or sponsors. Perhaps they simply did not match the elegance of your gala. Not much fun, was it? Benefit Auctioneers, on the other hand, often use a slower, more conversational chant that keeps your audience engaged and a part of the action. They craft and pore over event scripts preemptively minimizing the chances of making mistakes onstage. This leads to more giving – audiences who feel left out are not generous ones.  And they look the part and deliver the kind of show you’ve envisioned. 

Fundraising is an art that only a select few ever really become proficient at. Trust our professional event consultants and benefit auctioneer specialists to help you achieve your lofty goals. We refer you to the best charity event contractors around – the ones who will ensure donors have an unparalleled good time, as we’ve worked with them! We provide up-to-date information on the latest and most effective revenue-generators. Your nonprofit will be portrayed in the best possible light by your professional Benefit Auctioneer, who acts as your brand ambassador through the entire planning process AND special night.

How Can Marquam Auction Agency Help?

MAA’s full-service auction agency provides consultation from seasoned pros on ever-important topics such as donor development, digital event marketing, scripting, charity event planning, best practices and how to harness social media to further the cause. Tell us where you need the most help and we’ll tailor a plan specifically for your needs.

Marquam Auction Team in Action

We provide marvelously efficient and organized administrative support, streamlining the planning process to ease your burden. We’ll keep you on a tight schedule leading up to the big event. As for the big event itself, in addition to your professional benefit auctioneer, we provide auction clerks, bid assistants, masters/mistresses of ceremonies AND an event photographer/videographer to capture all of the magic.

Reach Out! We can’t wait to work with YOU!

Remember – you are not alone with us. And you never have to reinvent the wheel. Compare apples to apples when choosing your next fundraising partner. We know what works. And what doesn’t. Allow us to guide you to your new destination.  Let’s change the world one auction at a time – together!

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