Dynamic Duo for Live Virtual Fundraising Events

Amy Phillips

Dynamic Duo for Live Virtual Fundraising Events

Virtual Fundraising Events require a different kind of leadership and performance from the folks on stage leading the charge. A Dynamic Duo is best for this virtual vessel. It requires not only a different kind of energy, but also a completely different skill set. Here’s what your virtual event’s Dynamic Duo should have. 

Onstage Skills

A fantastic virtual event duo should possess a variety of skills and an excess of performance energy. What feels energetic in person won’t necessarily appear that way to folks watching at home. Somehow, something is lost in digital translation. An effective performance on the virtual stage needs even more energy than a live stage performance. Hosts mustn’t go overboard, however, or they’ll run the risk of seeming inauthentic or cheesy. A successful virtual fundraising event requires that special kind of “je ne sais quoi” that simply can’t be achieved with just one individual – no matter how lively or talented they may be. We highly recommend featuring two qualified professionals on the virtual stage (assuming local mandates permit this) so they can play off one another and keep the energy high. In addition, your chosen ones must be tech savvy and able to decipher key information coming at them from a myriad of sources + screens during the broadcast – all while effectively representing your org and communicating your mission succinctly. If they can incorporate humor, even better! They must be comfortable utilizing their improv skills, on camera, during your digital production.  


Consider this – your choice of virtual hosts are your mission’s brand ambassadors in this virtual environment. They represent you – good, bad or indifferent. They serve as your virtual voice. And whatever they do or say will be forever saved in the digital landscape – reviewed, critiqued and played back for eternity. If you cannot be absolutely certain that what they put out there is what you would desire, then there’s room for disaster. Just google some other virtual events and see for yourself. Professional emcees and benefit auctioneer specialists, in contrast, are masters of this work and genuinely love what they do and for whom. They also love YOU. Ours always do their homework and represent your org as their own – it IS their own – during your event and beyond! We’re ready and excited to provide you with a team who play off each other, ignite the energy and professionally DELIVER. 

Improv Skills

Great auctioneers and emcees have mad improv skills. In addition to their years of experience with live events, many have backgrounds in the performing arts, improv, comedy, digital and/or voice work. Improv skills are key in an environment where despite our best planning efforts, the unexpected can and does arise, often! No doubt you’re familiar with this language: “Technical difficulties… please stand by.” It happens. And when it does, we’re ready. We can deal! And we’re getting better at ‘tap-dancing’ with each and every virtual event we do. We’ve been telling you for years, we learn a lot from every live event we plan and attend. And that’s a MAJOR thing that hasn’t changed for us, in our approach to the new world of live virtual fundraising.

Let’s Leave No Stone Unturned – TOGETHER!

If you’re viewing from home, we’re talking to YOU. We can’t replicate the energy and intimacy that comes from having a large crowd gathered together in person to celebrate our nonprofit partners, but we ARE coming up with new ways to counterbalance that for this new virtual event environment. And we’re counting on YOU to help us achieve this! At our virtual events, it’s our fervent hope that you’ll connect with us and your favorite org – by commenting live in any supported chat feature. We dedicate team members to respond in real time to YOU, personally! We LOVE and WELCOME your comments and encouragement during live events. You WILL be heard. Our team members are standing by – watching and responding – LIVE. Our team will pass on as many of those comments as we possibly can to the auctioneer and emcee duo on stage. The result? A much more entertaining, engaging and successful show. Promise!

This new virtual platform is something else, is it not?! But rest assured, we’re embracing virtual with the same enthusiasm we’ve been bringing to events since the beginning. So let’s plan a live virtual event that may not be what you expected (trust us – it’s not what we expected either!), but one that WILL keep your nonprofit afloat! Reach out.

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