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What is In-Person+?

Data from across the fundraising world proved Hybrid events garnered mixed results in 2021 for many reasons.

Allow us to introduce our new fundraising event service: the Go SOCIAL! Livestream Paddle Raise. Designed as a fundraising companion piece to any stand alone in-person or virtual fundraising event, the Go SOCIAL! Livestream Paddle Raise is a very cost effective and easy method of incorporating a virtual fundraising element in into your annual event strategy. In fact, our very first Go SOCIAL! Livestream event netted double the money than the previous year’s campaign!  Contact us to find out how we can increase your total dollars raised.

BTW, If you haven’t taken our What Type of Event is Best for Your Org Assessment we would highly encourage it!

*These budget estimates are based on nationwide averages and data you’ve provided. Prices vary by location.
**Numbers do not reflect credit card fees
***Virtual + Hybrid Events: video production is not included in this estimate. Factor these costs into final budget amounts.