What’s a Special Appeal? And What’s So Special About It?

It All Comes Down This

Known by as many names as there are needs to fund, the Special Appeal – aka the Public Appeal, Direct Appeal, Fund-a-Need, Paddle Raise, Mission Moment, Mitzvah Moment – can be the biggest money-making opportunity in your fundraising arsenal. In essence, an appeal is a straight-up ask for money – sometimes for a specific need, and sometimes for the general fund. For real. That’s it. These ten minutes are critical in raising THE MOST MONEY for your organization without procuring one item.

All Eyes Focused on Your Mission

Special Appeals can also be effective mission moments filled with emotion. When a potential donor feels moved by your organization’s impact on the community, they feel compelled to give and give big. In fact, statistics suggest an increase in giving by up to 30% when donors feel touched. This is huge for your in-person or virtual galas

Over the last decade, we’ve noticed an ever-increasing trend towards Special Appeals bringing as much or more at fundraising events than doing live auctions. This begs the question: why wouldn’t you offer a Special Appeal at your next fundraiser?

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