Introducing Marquam Livestream Team Virtual Tech Solution

Is livestream virtual fundraising in your future?

It’s survival time, nonprofit friends, and time to take action. The fundraising future is now and holds several options: 100% VIRTUAL gala, blended Fusion Fundraisers (a hybrid of in-person+virtual) and eventually, live in-person events will be back (albeit, likely with a virtual component for extended reach).

Allow Marquam’s Livestream Team – tech solution to help YOU pivot your fundraising event to VIRTUAL. We’ve got game, experience, know-how, creativity and tech solutions to elevate your virtual event AND we do it all in-house – start to finish, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel (or know anything about the tech side!).

We’re bringing our technical A-game with custom in-house film and livestream services, providing high tech + high touch solutions for VIRTUAL Fundraiser Events! Unsure how to begin or what you need to know? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered and we’re super excited to bring calm to chaos. Ready?

Marquam’s Livestream Team is here for you every step of the way – from event concept creative brainstorming, to event day program execution and beyond…

Go VIRTUAL! Streaming Studio

Livestream, film or pre-record video from our very own virtual film studio (while observing social distancing protocol, naturally). Visually transform it to fit your event theme or org’s personality. With custom backdrops, green screen technology, game-changing graphics software, gorgeous interchangeable furniture vignettes and a hefty dose of creativity, we can revolutionize the look and feel of your program. Whatever you can dream up, we’ll make it happen.

Creative Consultation

Let’s brainstorm together to craft powerful, mission-driven visual concepts enhancing your virtual fundraising gala program, keeping viewers riveted and engaged while reinforcing compelling storytelling to maximize giving potential.

Production Team

Our innovative media + live stream pros execute the technical end of going virtual – start to finish, mastering your video collateral, switching audio and video feeds, while expertly streaming your show to viewers. We’ll troubleshoot the tech, eliminating stress on your end. We’ll advise you on current best practices/trends, recommend optimal streaming platforms and use data to drive your revenue strategy, as we bring your virtual gala to life and to the masses.


Our talented videographers capture all live and any pre-recorded footage you need to breathe life into your program – crafting and editing custom content into fun video vignettes, compelling special appeal, educational, organizational videos or any other type of visuals your program requires.

Graphics + Motion Graphics

Add sparkle to your show with custom branded graphics, motion graphics and visuals. Layer value, excitement and polish to virtual streams and lend a unique, personalized look and feel to your program. Brainstorm with our graphics guru about ways to enhance your show.

Music + Sound Effects

The biggest pain point we hear from virtual gala viewers is that simulcasts were boring, dry or not engaging enough to hold their attention. It’s amazing how much impact music and sound makes. DO NOT underestimate the power of sound, especially in this fundraising environment. It truly empowers you to control the energy and emotion of your event.

Ready to jump way outside of the box and continue fundraising in this forever changed event landscape? Make the painless pivot to VIRTUAL. We make it easy, effective and fun!

Contact us today! Let’s do this.