Goldmine: Unearthing the Gems of Historical Event Data

Historical Event Data

You’ve got data. Are you using it?

It’s been said those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it. These are highly relevant words in regard to your fundraising event! No matter how successful last year’s fundraiser was, there’s always room for improvement. Let’s use your historical event data to make THIS year’s fundraising event even more wildly successful than ever before! It may be a little labor-intensive as you’ll be looking back through many years of results, but this information is too valuable not to use. So let’s use it! Here’s how.

Identify Trends

Take a look at gross profits from last year, 2 years ago, 3 years ago and more. Look for trends – maybe you had a very successful wine wall 3 years ago, but last year’s sales were disappointing.  What needs to change? Could you display it differently? There are so many different ways to do this. Is the price point right for your crowd? Or perhaps your guests just don’t care to spend money on wine at this particular event. In that case, scrap the wine wall and replace it with a more appropriate revenue stream. How did your raffle do last year? The year before? Eliminate what doesn’t make money. Refine what does. Ask us for ideas! We have loads of suggestions and many happy, long-term clients who put our fundraising chops to the test with excellent results.

Target Specific Donors

Again, data is your trusted friend! Who gave big last year? What compelled them to do so? The more you learn about what moves people, the more you’ll be able to move them! Did you see our blog on what to do post-event, to ensure next year’s success? We advised you to thank your donors personally – research shows when you do, they’re more likely to give next time. You can also learn a lot by polling them on what they liked and didn’t like. Break it down even further by researching what percentage of guests participated in each revenue stream. Be sure to take a very close look at your special appeal numbers! What percentage of your guests gave during the appeal? If it’s fewer than half, you can do better by clarifying your mission and crafting more emotional stories. We can help!

All this research will help you maximize your ROI, also known as…

Return On Investment

You’re no doubt familiar with the term ROI – for now, let’s define it simply as what you GET out of the effort you GIVE. We’ll use the revenue stream wine walls for an example. How much time and money did your team spend procuring the bottles? Compare that to how much money the wall raised. Let’s just say your team spent 100 total hours seeking wine donations and procuring great bottles, and you raised a mere $1,500. Is that an acceptable ROI? You could definitely do better, and may want to redirect your workforce toward another revenue stream.

Let’s look at a Golden Ticket raffle for another example. It’s a great way to raise money without much effort or expense, and when sold out will gross $10,000 (check your state and local laws). That being said, it’s IMPERATIVE you have the right people selling tickets – they need to be outgoing, friendly, charming and assertive – and they need to be in the right locations! Is it easy for guests to identify and spot them? Are there big beautiful signs identifying all of the details? That is a great use of your salespeople’s time and could be fruitful for you. Consider everything but let data be your decision maker.

Make smarter decisions to increase revenue. We know how and we’re at your service. Contact us today!

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