Fusion Fundraisers III: At Home

Fusion Fundraisers III –  The Homebodies

Stay-at-home orders are slowly but surely abating in many areas, including here at home. That means a huge lifestyle change for some of us, but not all. If you don’t think you’ll feel comfortable being out in large groups (even when they’re the norm again), but you still want to socialize and be a part of the action, Fusion Fundraisers are for you! Keep reading and we’ll tell you why. As for those of us planners, keep reading for tips on how to appeal to the stay-at-home crowd who’s viewing your Live Virtual Gala (VG).

Enjoy the Action from Anywhere

There can be a lot of pressure associated with a night out at a fundraising gala. Social anxiety is a real thing for many of us and can be a major deterrent against attending events in person. Plus, dietary restrictions are not uncommon. Most of us aren’t thrilled by the idea of spending money on a dinner we can’t or don’t wish to eat – even if the money is going to a good cause. And on that topic, ticket prices for events can be steep. Not so for Fusion Fundraisers! Now you have the option of supporting your favorite org from anywhere that has internet access. We are no longer limited by geography – OR by time, since simulcasts don’t necessarily have to be viewed live. You can watch them after the fact as giving is generally kept open for at least a few days after the live event. Is that mind-blowing, or what?! We just bested space AND time!    

Video + Visuals

A VG is designed specifically for the folks watching from home and therefore is much shorter than your typical in-person live event. First and foremost, it MUST. BE. VISUAL. This is our one of our many specialties! We have award-winning video production mavens on staff with top-notch skills. They’re well-versed on what works and what doesn’t to keep viewers engaged and giving. They’re all about trying new things. What can you come up with? After all, we’re living in bizarre times – why not get a little crazy with your VG visuals? Let’s say you’re selling a package to Hawaii. While your dynamic duo (auctioneer/emcee) discuss the particulars, what would folks at home rather watch for two minutes – a static PPT slide with some words and a couple of images, or a hilarious looped video of your ED’s face motion-tracked on a deep sea snorkeling expedition? If your org’s recognizable faces are willing to join us in the (VG) Theatre of the absurd, we can make this whole production a whole lot more fun for everyone. We know not every org wants to be silly – but think of the possibilities here. We are only limited by what you can dream up!

Cheerful Chat

Just because you’re home doesn’t mean you should feel left out. You CAN – and we hope you WILL – get involved while the action unfolds on your device screen! How, you ask? By commenting live, in any supported chat feature. Our Go Virtual! fundraising package has team members responding in real-time to your questions, comments, playful remarks, what have you! They’re also excited to pass on as many of those comments as humanly possible to your VG hosts. You will be heard and you will feel like part of the event. Because you are. Although we do miss out on the element of intimacy when we’re not able to gather in person, your enthusiastic chatter from home really does increase the feeling of togetherness. We ARE all in this together, are we not?


When it comes to comfort, there’s no place like home. Have you showered? Doesn’t matter. (It doesn’t matter if you didn’t shower yesterday, either.) What to wear? Who cares. How do your feet feel? WONDERFUL – they’re even elevated! Where will you park? In the garage (or driveway, for those of us who use our garages for storage). Does that mean you don’t have plans tonight? NO WAY!


2019 Question: What are you doing tonight?

2019 Answer: Nothing. I’m staying in.


2020 Question: What are you doing tonight? 

2020 Answer: I’m staying in. I’m putting on my softest sweatpants, fixing a drink, settling on the couch, having my favorite food delivered and watching a super entertaining VG, helping raise money for my favorite nonprofit! Why don’t you join me? It’ll be hilarious! We can chat while we watch! Here’s the link.

Contact us and we’ll make it happen!