10 Reasons to Always Use a Professional Benefit Auctioneer Specialist

Misty Marquam

Optimize Fundraising by Partnering with Fundraising Pros

We get asked this all the time – “Can’t my Uncle Hal auctioneer the upcoming fundraising event?” The answer is: he could. But you will lose money if he does.

Ideally, select and contract with your benefit auctioneer 9-18 months in advance of the big date. However, if it’s just around the corner, don’t fret. A pro will know just how to save the day.

Here are our top ten reasons why you should always work with a professional fundraising auctioneer:

1. Fundraising Goals + Strategy

A pro will identify your goals and tailor unique fundraising strategies to get you there. They will be more effective at executing the live program, keeping the energy up in the room, engaging donors and creating momentum through smart program timing, content, and sequencing.

2. Expertise

Think of all the time, energy, money and resources you put into every big fundraising event. Despite your best efforts, snafus can and do happen. Working with a seasoned professional benefit auctioneer helps resolve impromptu “hiccups” with grace and refinement on the fly with no added stress to you.
Pros are trained in one thing – raising you more money. Trust that their advice is current, on trend and has your mission’s best interests at heart. Be sure your pro is a member of the National Auctioneers Association as well as a Benefit Auctioneer Specialist indicating they are trained by the largest professional auctioneering organization in the world as well as one of the elite few who specializes in charity fundraising

3. Pre-Event Consultation + Fundraising Trends

What works? What doesn’t? What’s new? What’s outdated? Avoid common pitfalls while keeping your event relevant, on a tight schedule and packed full of mission moments. Maximize your fundraising efforts while streamlining everything to make planning events easier and less time-consuming. Evaluate what did and did not work for you previously and strategize ideas for improvement. Your auctioneer will work with you on all of these things to be certain that your event runs smoothly, on time and successfully!

4. Fresh Revenue Stream Ideas That Work

Modern and traditional strategies requiring less work from fewer volunteers/staff are ideal. A pro will teach you how to maximize what you’re already doing and grow it organically while adhering to state and local laws.

5. Professional

Did Uncle Hal show up late again? Or worse yet, tipsy? Employing a professional ensures that your event is backed by a reputable charity auctioneer known for showcasing your mission professionally, elegantly and with zest.

6. Event Presentation

A professional benefit auctioneer elevates your event in many ways, including your donors’ experience at the live program. Pros know how to engage and finesse folks with humor, humility, facts, and persuasion through influence, thus making their experience a positive one. Your partnership with a professional fundraising company also elevates your event by association with a company known for successful, money-making events. Event night professionals – such as bid assistants and event clerks – do wonders for live auctions, from bringing 10-15% more revenue on live auction packages to accurately recording all sales and much more. In addition, many modern auction agencies also employ social media managers to promote you and your event, administration services to lighten your load and expert advice on how to grow your event.

7. Best Practices

Your fundraising specialist will teach you and your team best practices to employ for many aspects of your event. Date selection, dinner style, theme, revenue streams (silent auctions, raffles, games, giving boards and more) – ask us! You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

8. Ambassadors of Your Mission

Benefit auctioneers know and use mission-driven language during your event, emphasizing your unique message and mission to donors. Often, even their voice is specially trained to deliver these messages so donors want to hear what they have to say. Fundraising Auctioneers wield much influence and mingle with donors every night. Never underestimate what a positive relationship with one of your supporters might do to get that paddle up ‘just one more time!’

9. Professional Referrals

Need a good AV referral? Emcee? How about that perfect venue? Need an appeal video shot and edited? A great photographer? Event support or software? Entertainment? There are a million things to secure for your event. Be certain you are using the best for your needs and ask your auctioneer. They work with other contractors every night and are often a gold mine of insider information. Utilize it!

10. FUN! = More $$$

It’s a fact: when donors have more fun, they give more. Here is the most important reason to always use a pro. They are simply more fun. They know what they’re doing. They know how to do it. They do it all the time. And folks have fun in the audience. Consider your auctioneer your fundraising specialist in the same way you consider your dentist for a cavity or your dermatologist for a skin issue.

Leave the fundraising to the pros. You will always realize greater results!  Ready? Contact us today!

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