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Eclipsing revenue records is our obsession!

A la Carte Services

Powerpoint Signage

Smart PPTs arm donors with necessary information, graphic, colorful images + increase sale prices of live auction items. Professionally designed + branded, these live auction slides will elevate everyone’s experience at your event.

Event Signage

Fundraising events require signage to manage guest + information flow and assist donors with buying decisions. We know exactly what is required to keep your event flowing, donors happy and everyone armed with knowledge.

Professional Event Staff

Emcees, Bid Assistants, Clerks, Media Maven, Sales People

Our team is extensively trained in one thing: facilitating successful fundraising events and making you more money.

Need help? Reach out. We’re here for you!

Registration Support

Elevate donor satisfaction by providing a flawless registration experience. Our professional service partners offer a wide range of registration services from providing hardware to networking it all up and managing check-in + check-out for you. Imagine how much stress you won’t feel!

Event Photography + Videography

Capture all the moments from the event with photos, video or both. Use video as legal documentation of auction and bidding history, post sizzle clips on social media or add video anywhere you see fit. The sky is the limit!

Volunteer Roles Defined, Revenue Stream Lead Training + Best Practices

How many volunteers are needed to facilitate every activity at your event? We’ll identify your needs and train lead revenue stream volunteers while implementing best practices for amazing outcomes.