6 Pillars of Fundraising Event Marketing

Misty Marquam

Getting the Word Out

Few things have as much impact on a fundraiser as marketing. Proper marketing can help bring the right people to the right place at the right time, resulting in more money raised for your organization.

1. Your Website

Dedicate a page of your website to advertising your event so folks can glean key information quickly and easily. Consider spreading the word by adding a blurb about your event to the homepage and watch traffic increase. Include the URL to the event page on all communications sent to donors leading up to the big event. 

2. Email Blasts

Email all of your known supporters about your upcoming event – many times. Mention new or improved ideas that you will include in the evening, highlight spectacular auction items, pay tribute to special people in the organization or simply advertise your date. Whatever you include, be certain that the people who love and support you know all about the details of your event!

3. Save the Dates

As soon as you’ve solidified your next event date, alert your supporters so they can get it on their calendars. Save the dates can be emailed, sent via USPS or both. Include use of all social media outlets and your website as well.

4. Invitations

Consider sending both digital AND paper invitations. Include keywords in the invite such as “fundraiser, auction and benefit.” Coordinate colors and themes with your specific org needs. Donors need to know that this is first and foremost a fundraising event – using an auction – to benefit your organization. Let there be no question in their minds what type of event you’re planning.

5. Social Media

Social media are powerful but FREE tools to enhance engagement, distribute information and increase education about what, specifically, your org does for its community. Build your audience, post event details everywhere (and often!) and watch information spread like wildfire without spending a dime!

6. Word of Mouth

Never underestimate the power of a verbal recommendation from a loyal supporter of yours. Their praise and support of your org encourages their friends and family to join them in their support of you. Utilize it! Ask your supporters to talk about you, share your content, educate their peers and even to bring friends to the event itself. It never hurts to ask.

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