12 Reasons to Partner with Professional Benefit Auctioneer Specialists

Optimize Virtual, Hybrid and In-Person Fundraising Events

12 Reasons to Partner with Professional Benefit Auctioneer Specialists (BAS) and Fundraisers

Fundraising events – no matter the type – require a certain something from stage and online talent. So what do you need from your Benefit Auctioneer Specialist, to nail that fundraising event on your behalf? Here’s what fundraising professionals need in order to shine and be successful – especially in online and hybrid fusion formats. 

1. Superior Visuals + Crystal Clear Messaging

We jumped into the online fundraising “pool” headfirst in March of 2020, knowing it was our only fundraising option at that time. Since then, we’ve produced and executed hundreds of virtual and hybrid fusion fundraising events, from start to finish. Our Benefit Auctioneer Specialists are experts at each and every aspect of your live stream. From PowerPoint design and messaging, to what colors work best to create the mood you’re going for, to what images belong on green screen backgrounds, and everything in between!

2. One-Stop-Shop

Want to really streamline the process of planning and executing a successful hybrid fusion fundraiser? You’re in the right place. We are your one-stop-shop for all things fundraising events. We use our own livestream studio. We produce hundreds of virtual, hybrid fusion, and traditional fundraising events annually. Our charity auctioneers and fundraising hosts know how to make your live stream look fantastic – head and shoulders above the rest. How do they do it, you ask? Not only through experience, but through their “tech”-spertise. 

How Our Benefit Auctioneers Benefit You

So what does this mean for you, when we partner? It means fewer vendor decisions to make and manage. If we can’t provide it in-house, we have plenty of great referrals for you. Need a good AV technician? Emcee? How about that perfect venue for your scaled-down in-person crowd? Need an appeal video written, shot, edited? A talented visual storyteller? Professional voiceover work? Photography services? Scriptwriting? Event support or software? Entertainment? Caterers? There are a million things to secure for every event. We can ultra-streamline this process for you, freeing you up to focus on pre-commits, donor outreach, development, even event marketing. What else might you do with all of the time you’ll save, by working with us? Our BAS Auctioneers work with fabulous vendors and pros every day. They’re a goldmine of insider info. Another benefit? You’ll reduce the chance of communication breakdowns since everyone is on the same page. The left hand always knows what the right hand is doing! 

3. The Art of the Pivot

Think of your major fundraising events back in 2019. (Seems like about a decade ago, doesn’t it?!) What were your chosen fundraising activities? Fun Runs? Competitive tournaments? Social campaigns? Chances are, our charity auctioneers and team can help transform your in-person activity or event to a virtual or hybrid event with a little creativity and a lot of tech. Ask us how!

4. Fundraising Goals + Strategy

There are certainly parallels to fundraising strategies for in-person and virtual events. There are also some major differences! And to be frank, it all comes down to experience. One might think you can simply point a camera at what would’ve been your in-person show, and send that out into virtual land. But it’s not quite that simple. A performance that feels super high-energy in person doesn’t necessarily come across that way, virtually. Something gets lost in translation. Your fundraising professionals need even more energy, as well as the ability to skillfully keep up the pace during a virtual or hybrid event.

But there’s a fine line between being energetic and coming across as manic or hyper – no one will take that seriously! (OR want to watch it – unless they think it’s so bad, it’s humorous. In that case, your benefit auctioneer specialist has lost all credibility, perhaps forever.) Experienced charity auctioneers understand that fine line and walk it frequently as their profession. As a result, they’re more effective at executing your virtual program and keeping your donors engaged. Maintaining energy levels in an online environment is essential to engaging virtual donors. Creating momentum through timing, sequencing, and content is also a skill learned through experience. Practice makes perfect and experience matters!

5.  Benefit Auctioneer Specialist Expertise

Think of all the time, energy, money, and resources you put into every big in-person fundraising event. Despite your best efforts, snafus can and do happen. You have a great chance of resolving these impromptu gaffes gracefully when working with a fundraising professional. Again, this takes on even more importance in a virtual format. Things can and do go wrong in a live environment. (Ever watched news bloopers?) Having a pro who gracefully rolls with the punches can mean the difference between a disastrous show, and one with a little hiccup that your viewers will at least forgive, if not completely forget.

Charity auctioneers are trained in one thing – raising you more money. Trust that their consult is current, on-trend, and has your mission’s and budget’s best interests at heart. Vet them. Be sure your fundraising professional is a member of the National Auctioneers Association, the largest professional auctioneering organization in the world. We’re also confident you’ll be most successful using a Benefit Auctioneer Specialist – one of the elite few who specializes in charity fundraising and events.

6. Consultation + Fundraising Trends

What works? What doesn’t? What’s new? What’s outdated? Avoid common pitfalls, while keeping your event relevant, on schedule, and packed full of mission moments. Maximize your fundraising efforts while streamlining everything, in order to make planning events easier and less time-consuming. Many of our clients are already working on their second or third virtual events.

Thus, part of the planning for the next one involves evaluating what worked, what didn’t, and where there’s room for improvement. Your auctioneer will work with you to ensure your next virtual event is smooth AND successful. The success of your hybrid’s virtual component is completely dependent upon EXECUTING it beautifully. Work only with pros to achieve this.

7. Proven Revenue Stream Ideas 

We’re taking copious notes and learning a ton with every virtual and hybrid fusion event we produce. Experience and viewer feedback is helping us narrow down what fundraising strategies translate well to the virtual world – and which ones don’t. We’ve learned how to streamline the process and maximize what you’re already planning, to grow events organically while adhering to state and local laws.  

8. Virtual Experience Matters

Sorry for sounding like a broken record. But EXPERIENCE MATTERS! Does your professional benefit auctioneer specialist have experience with virtual and hybrid formats? Ask them. You’re risking an awkward experience for all involved if the answer is no. Hybrid fusion events are somewhat new to the fundraising industry. Your Dynamic Duo (auctioneer and emcee) should NOT be. At least not if your goal is to raise as much money as you possibly can, which OF COURSE it is! 

9. Event Presentation

A professional benefit auctioneer and their team will elevate your hybrid and virtual events in myriad ways. Viewer experience is key to your success. Professionals know how to engage and finesse folks in a virtual format with mission storytelling, education, humor, charm, and persuasion. A professional livestream team brings in more revenue than boring Zoom-call-style fundraisers, because events with higher production quality RETAIN their viewers. Which would YOU prefer to attend and/or watch? 

Additionally, innovative partners who made the pivot to virtual early provide so many perks: Administrative services to lighten your load. Expert advice and strategies from seasoned fundraising pros. Social media managers to promote you AND your event. This is especially important in a virtual and/or hybrid model since you’re not constrained by geography. Anyone can attend your virtual event, and the only thing that can go wrong is people not knowing about it!

10. Virtual + Hybrid Event Best Practices

Your fundraising specialist will teach you and your team best practices for executing stellar virtual and hybrid fusion events. Date selection, catering for the in-person crowd, virtual and in-person revenue streams – we’ll share all you need to know!

11. Mission Ambassadors

Benefit auctioneers know and use mission-driven language during your event, emphasizing your unique message and mission to donors. Often, even their voice is specially trained to deliver these messages, so donors want to hear what they have to say. These messages must be extra powerful in a virtual and/or hybrid fusion event. We have tried-and-true strategies to encourage your supporters to raise the paddle or hit the donate button “just one more time!”

12. FUN! = More $$$

It’s a fact: when donors have a positive experience and more fun, they give more and remain donors for longer. If donors enjoy a beautifully produced, fast-paced virtual program, they DO give! This is true for in-person and hybrid fusion events as well. Professional benefit auctioneer specialists know what they’re doing and they know how to do it. Consider your auctioneer your fundraising specialist in the same way you consider your dentist for a cavity or your dermatologist for a skin issue.

Leave the fundraising to the fundraising professionals. You always realize greater results!  

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